MultiRational is an entirely new category of service provider to business. The business world is changing fast. Abroad, incredible and rapid developments in technology are challenging the place humans have held in business operations since time began.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data management, and process automation are available and proven in other markets and now available in Bhutan. MultiRational – an FDI approved foreign company in Bhutan – has brought these foreign technologies and systems and made them available to Bhutanese businesses of all sizes and sectors.

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Benefits of Outsourcing

Business activities which are unrelated to your actual business can be outsourced to a specialist for lower cost and improved quality while freeing up your time and attention to your core business activity. Business processes such as these are ideal for outsourcing and offer profitable returns.

  • accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting
  • compliance
  • human resource management and payroll processing
  • customer service
  • sales
  • marketing
  • procurement
  • technical support

In fact, outsourcing with MultiRational is guaranteed to be delivered at 20% less cost to your business than your current costs of performing the same process in-house.


All our solutions are based on your choice of two great pricing models:

  • pay-per-minute with no monthly recurring fee or setup fees. Pay only for the agent time you use.


  • pay 20% less than your current costs of performing the same process in-house.

Our Value Proposition

A Compelling Engagement Model

Guaranteed cost reduction: Access our technology, systems and processes without investment or term commitment. Outsource routine business functions to MultiRational on a guaranteed cost-saving of 20% of your current cost of doing the same work in-house.  Hand off non-core functions like finance, accounting, HR management and IT support so you can focus on your core business.

Outsource business functions to MultiRational and we will use global best practices and technology to reduce our cost of service delivery to you.

You can outsource to MultiRational for less than the cost of doing the same work in-house. In fact, it’s guaranteed to save 20% of your current cost.

Guaranteed sales: Our team excels at digital marketing and can bring in new clients for you on a commission-only basis.

MultiRational offers engagement on a no-risk basis to our clients in Bhutan. Find out more by contacting us.